CIOMP hosts successful “Rose in Science” meeting to share experience

To celebrate the International Year of Light (2015) and contribute to the ”Women in Optics” series of activities from SPIE, the Division of International Cooperation and the CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapters held a meeting entitled ”Rose in Science” on 27th March. The meeting was hosted at CIOMP and was attended by CIOMP faculty, students and all members of the CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapter. 


The event’s honored speaker was Prof. BAI Yuhong, a senior female member of SPIE at CIOMP, executive deputy editor of Light: Science & Applications and a leading talent in the publishing industry in China.Prof. Bai delivered an excellent speech about her experience in scientific research and managing optics journals and her approaches to solving problems that female scientists might face in their work. 


In her speech, Prof. Bai shared her insights into balancing life and work. By describing her own experiences, Prof. Bai conveyed her long-held dreams, her efforts to fulfill them and her success in achieving her ambitions. Through her accomplishments, Prof. Bai revealed her life philosophy: that through effort, determination and persistence, dreams can be realized. She also advised that female researchers and students should have dreams and pursue them by balancing life’s demands carefully. In this way, life will embrace us with the excellence we desire. 


After her speech, Prof. Bai had a lively and engaging interaction with the audience. She answered questions from young researchers and students with patience and grace. Their comments showed that Prof. Bai’s speech was inspiring and enlightening. Meanwhile, some young researchers voiced their hopes to have more opportunities to communicate with renowned researchers like Prof. Bai. 


“Rose in Science” was concluded by a statement from Wang Hui, the Deputy Director of the Division of International Cooperation at CIOMP. She encouraged more researchers and students to join in the activities of international optical organizations such as OSA and SPIE to help promote CIOMP to the world. Zuo Jing, the student representative from the CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapter, also expressed her gratitude to Prof. Bai for sharing her valuable experience. 


A group photo of SPIE female members and CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapter 


Prof.Bai answered the students' questions 

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