Seed of Light at Fangniugou primary school

On March 23rd, Seed of Light activity was held by the volunteers from the CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapter and the CIOMP Popular Science Volunteers Association at the Fangniugou primary school which was located at Nong'an County. This event manly included two parts: the instructive lecture about optics and quality development activities, which aimed to engage, excite and educate children about optics and its potential applications in their lives, and also enhance the unity and cooperation consciousness of primary school students through the quality development activities. 


The Fangniugou Primary school is one of the poor primary schools in Changchun. There are 66 students from six grades in the campus and all of them took part in the event.


In the morning, the presenter, Miss YAO Chaonan, illustrated the principle of optical phenomena and basic optical knowledge for the students, and other volunteers conducted demonstrative experiments for the children. The lecture enlightened students about the amazing world of light and helped drive their curiosity to come up with more! Volunteers were impressed by their thirst for knowledge and their wonderful imaginations. In the afternoon, volunteers organized pupils to carry out two activities named "three people carrying balloons" and "Great Wall never fall", respectively. The activities were held in a warm atmosphere and the laughter spread all over the campus. After the games, volunteers and children discussed the importance of unity and cooperation.


The event can provide visions to all children and let them know the light world around us, inspire the children to explore the optical world and increase the children’s unity and cooperation awareness. Meanwhile, the volunteers were deeply moved by the honest, kind and polite pupils. In their post-event feedback, the principal and teachers from the school spoke highly of the smooth and professional organization and operation of the event. They also hoped to establish a long term cooperation with CIOMP and our OSA/SPIE Student Chapter to host more educational science activities like the Seed of Light.


The Seed of Light event dates from 2015, the International Year of Light, and is a joint initiative of the CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapter and the Division of International Cooperation. The event aims at popularizing optical knowledge and sowing the seed of light in children’s heart. Up to now, the Seed of Light event has been held for several times and has been widely praised. The event will continue indefinitely and work to contribute to the spread and popularization of optical knowledge.



  Give a lecture to the students(Image by CIOMP)


  Students listened to the lecture carefully(Image by CIOMP)


  Volunteers conducted demonstrative experiments for the children(Image by CIOMP)


  The quality development activity(Image by CIOMP)


  The quality development activity(Image by CIOMP)


  A group photo of the volunteers, the staff of the school and the students(Image by CIOMP)

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