Associate Professor WANG Zengbo visited CIOMP and made a presentation

On August 14th, invited by Division of International Cooperation, associate professor WANG Zengbo from the University of Bangor University visited CIOMP and made a presentation titled Optical super lens and superresolution optical imaging based on micro nanospheres and their applications.


A.P.WANG firstly visited the exhibition hall of CIOMP. He got to know the history, scientific research, achievements transformation, international cooperation and graduate education about CIOMP. Then he also visited the State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics. Prof. MU Quanan, the deputy director of this lab, introduced the laboratory briefly. After that a.p. HAO Peng and prof. LIANG Zongzhu introduced their research directions and achievements in recent years respectively.


“There are some similar research topics between this lab and my research team. So we can have a deep communication and strengthen our cooperation in the future.” A.P.WANG said.


At last A.P.WANG made a presentation in the fourth meeting room in the research building. He illustrated the Optical super lens and superresolution optical imaging in detail. The report was very attractive and he had a warm discussion with CIOMP researchers after the report. Prof. BAI Yuhong, the deputy director of Information Center, prof. ZHAO Dongxu, the deputy director of Division of Fundamental Scientific Research Management, prof.MU Quanquan, prof. LIANG Zongzhu, Dr. ZHANG Laiming, the director of Division of International Cooperation(DIC) and WANG Hui, the deputy director of DIC also attended this report.


A.P.WANG made a presentation(Photo by CIOMP)


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