CIOMP representatives were invited to attend the 2017 Optics Fall Industrial Associates Meeting

On October 20th, the 2017 Optics Fall Industrial Associates Meeting (2017 IA Meeting), hosted by the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester (U of R), US, successfully took place in the River Campus, U of R. This fabulous event has attracted approximately 150 attendees including scientists, research scholars, students from the Institute of Optics, U of R, as well as IA member delegates. As one of 40 IA members, CIOMP representatives were invited to attend this conference.


This conference primarily includes IA symposium, master students showcase, poster session, company connection self-introductions, company connection showcase and interview. During the company connection self-introductions section, Prof. Chunlei Guo, the director of the Guo China-US photonics Laboratory, CIOMP, presented an overview of CIOMP’s overall condition, international cooperation, talent recruitment and its own journal-Light: Science & Applications (LSA), co-published with Springer Nature. In the following section of company connection showcase and interview, 29 IA member participants from MIT Lincoln Lab, OSA, SPIE, Microsoft, Apple, Corning, etc, conducted an in-depth interaction with the throngs of students in optics, then followed by an on-site interview.


CIOMP showcase has attracted and gathered a large number of Chinese and foreign undergraduate, master and PhD students in optics with a face-to-face interaction, focusing on CIOMP’s integration of research, production and education, international cooperation, talent recruitment, LSA and Light Conference. In the recruitment process, more than 10 Chinese and foreign students submitted their resumes to CIOMP, and they sincerely anticipated having an opportunity to further their studies as an intern or work for CIOMP. LSA has a very high reputation at the U of R. Some well-known scientists in optics here have been part of LSA editorial board members or authors. Meanwhile, some students have ever joined in the creation of publications in LSA, and they are so honored to serve as one of the LSA authors. Both of them declared they would continue their efforts to support LSA’s development. At the same time, CIOMP representatives have made an extensive communication with other IA member companies. Through enhancing mutual understanding, most of them have the willingness to establish cooperation relationship, carry out mutually potential collaboration and foster common development with CIOMP and LSA.


Through this conference, CIOMP has forged a close connection and potential cooperation with U of R and other IA member companies, which will be of great beneficial to CIOMP’s international cooperation, talent recruitment and LSA’s progress.

CIOMP introduction presented by Prof. Guo (Photo by CIOMP)

CIOMP showcase(Photo by CIOMP)

Student resumes collection (Photo by CIOMP)


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