Light Special Contributor Dr. Wenxin Wang popularize “Rising Stars of Light” at DPG Spring meeting

As the first Chinese speaker of young physicist in post-deadline session, Dr. Wenxin Wang introduced his work on metamaterials and nonlinearity, acknowledged his group members, collaborated group and DPG. At the end, he disseminated the coming conference of light in China, and on behalf of Light: Science & Applications to invite audiences to attend the program of the“rising stars of light”.


                          Fig.1. Dr.Wang invite audiences to join the program of the“rising stars of light”(Phtoto by CIOMP)


                                                      Fig.2 Rising stars of Light Award(Photo by CIOMP)


DPG was founded in 1845 and is the largest national physics association worldwide. Researcher renowned worldwide were presidents of the DPG, so Max Planck and Albert Einstein. The 2018 DPG Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting) of the Condensed Matter Section (SKM) took place at Berlin from 11-16 March. More than 6000 registrations and 5685 scientific contributions (3582 oral talks) are officially reported, includes 12 plenary talks, 5 prize talks, 305 invited talks and 1709 posters. 


DPG regards itself as an open forum of physicists to represent their entirety outwards as well as foster the exchange of ideas between its members and foreign colleagues. On the other hand, the traditional post-deadline session offers another opportunity. Eligible speakers are required excellent science, but the science should be also presented in an appealing manner. This year, Dr. Wenxin Wang from TU Ilmenau, Prof. Klappenberger Florian from TU Munich, Prof. Melissa Hines from Cornell and Prof. Stefan Kowarik from Humboldt Uni. of Berlin were selected as speakers.



                                                Fig.3. The DPG Spring Meeting live broadcast(Photo by CIOMP)



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