14th China-Australia Symposium held at the Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics

The 14th China-Australia Symposium opened on August 27, 2018 at Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics (CIOMP) in Changchun. It was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), supported by the Australian government and organized by CIOMP.

The overall theme of the Symposium was "Light changes our lives", which was divided into five thematic areas: Space Optics and Applications, Large-Aperture Optical Fabrication and Measurement, Advanced Laser Semiconductor Science and Applications, Quantum Optics and Applications and Micro-Nano Optics and Optical Devices. It was agreed these areas are important and serve mutually beneficial national strategic goals.

More than 60 experts and scholars from China and Australia were invited to share their wisdom and practical experience from the frontiers of optics. Delegates presented conference reports and poster displays and participated in lively group discussions that focused on the basic principles and industrial applications of optics. Through their endeavors they demonstrated and promoted valuable international cooperation.

Many distinguished dignitaries attended the opening ceremony of the Symposium: Libin Xiang, Deputy President of the CAS, Yin Li, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Bureau, Director Ping Jia, Deputy Director Zhang Xuejun, Deputy Director Wang Jianli of CIOMP, Professor Hugh Bradlow, President of the ATSE, Professor Hans Bachor of the AAS, Ms. Joanna Bunting, Counsellor at the Australian Embassy in Beijing, Sun Hui, Director of the United States Department of International Cooperation, and Wang Dongyao, Deputy Director at CAS.

After the opening ceremony, Zhang Xuejun, deputy director of CIOMP gave the first keynote address on “Implementation of nanometer shape accuracy on the 4m SiC mirror”. Professor Bradlow followed with the enlightening “Are fibre networks really necessary?”. All the participants spoke freely in a collegial manner, creating an atmosphere conducive for vital academic discussion and debate.

The 2018 China-Australia Symposium has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase the development of our Institute in the fields of space optics, optical engineering, quantum optics, and so on. We are confident the participants will forge ongoing and lasting networks that will result in positive outcomes for both China and Australia in the important and growing area of optics research and technology development.

Libin Xiang gave a welcome remark(Photo by CIOMP)

Professor Hugh Bradlow gave a welcome remark(Photo by CIOMP)

Ms. Joanna Bunting gave a welcome remark(Photo by CIOMP)

Group photo (Photo by CIOMP)


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