Professor Yuhong Bai was awarded the Women's achievements Advanced Individual of Chinese Academy of Sciences

In order to thoroughly implement the important directive spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on women's work, the Chinese Academy of Sciences fully implements the arrangement of Central Party’s Group Working Conference, which gives full play to the role of typical advanced women in model leading. The Chinese Academy of Sciences publicizes and commends the outstanding women and women collectives emerging in the reform, innovation and development of our academy. The Women's Working Committee of our academy has carried out the advanced collective and advanced individual selection activities of “Women's Contributions” in the whole hospital, guiding the female employees in our academy to carry forward the spirit of “self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement” and actively participate in the practice of scientific and technological innovation.  Professor Yuhong Bai, the director of LIGHT Center of our institute, was awarded the honor of Women's achievements Advanced Individual by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Yuhong Bai is the director of LIGHT Center of our institute, who is also the executive deputy editor of “Light: Science & Applications” and the executive editor of “Optics and Precision Engineering”. In 2012, Yuhong Bai led the team to create the optical English journal “Light: Science & Applications” with important academic value, which is first fully open access and online publishing in China. As the executive deputy editor and executive editor, she led the team to an internationalized road with distinct Chinese characteristics. The journal was included in SCI and Scopus databases only one year after its founding. In July 2014, LIGHT received the first impact factor of 8.476 and entered Q1 in JCR category rank directly. In 2015, the second impact factor of LIGHT is 14.603, which is still Q1 in JCR category rank. The impact factor ranked second in the world's optical journals and first among the 5470 national scientific and technological journals. At the same time, the academic influence of “Optics and Precision Engineering” has also been significantly improved with her efforts, which has won honors such as Chinese Top-quality Science and Technology Periodicals, Chinese 100 Outstanding Academic Journals, and Journals Supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Especially in 2013, the journal was nominated for the China Publishing Government Award.

A total of 15 collectives won the honor of Women's achievements Advanced Collective of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 30 comrades were awarded the Women's achievements Advanced Individual of Chinese Academy of Sciences in this selection.

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