Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) delegation visited CIOMP

On January 10, the Secretary-General of APSCO, LI Xinjun, and his team visited our institute. CIOMP President’s Assistant SUN Shouhong extended the delegation a warm welcome.

SUN Shouhong guided the group through a number of CIOMP’s laboratories, including the division of Space New Technology and the Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Optical Systems. They also visited the International Innovation Park, where they learned about Changguang Chenying Biological Science Instruments Co., the Bimberg Chinese-German Green Photonics Research Center, the Guo Chunlei China-US Photonics Laboratory and Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co.

Later, President JIA PING met with the delegation at the Academic Exchange Center and welcomed them enthusiastically on CIOMP’s behalf. In the interesting discussions that followed, he noted that mankind’s peaceful use of space is consistent with APSCO’s mission. President JIA hoped that the delegation’s visit results in a greater understanding and appreciation of the R&D and industrial strengths of CIOMP and further strengthens the cooperation between the parties, especially in ground- and space-based endeavors.

Secretary-General LI also spoke and noted that this was the first time that an APSCO delegation had visited a scientific research institute since its establishment. Clearly, he said, the relationship between CIOMP and APSCO is an important one. The organizations agreed that there is a bright future of successful collaboration ahead.

A delegation from APSCO visited CIOMP in January 10 2019 (photo by CIOMP)

Introduction to APSCO:

The Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) is an inter-governmental organization working to peacefully explore and develop space science and space technology. APSCO works to apply the outcomes of science and technology to promote the sustainable socio-economic development and multilateral cooperation for peoples throughout the Asia-Pacific. APSCO Member States are: Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey.








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