LSA Remains World No.2 Optics Journal

Light: Science & Applications (LSA) was given an impact factor of 14 by the Journal Citation Reports 2019, further securing its position as the world’s No.2 optics journal.


Jointly launched by CIOMP and Nature Publishing Group in 2012, LSA has been one of the top three optics journals for the last five years, and is now firmly established as the most visible open resource in the optics community.


LSA aims to provide its readers more insight into optical science and applications. One out every 10 research articles published by LSA received 100+ citations per paper. LSA’s 2019 total cites reached 5894, an increase of almost 40% compared to that of 2018.


Led by EIC Jianlin Cao, EEICs Tianhong Cui, Stefan Kaierle, Ping Jia, Hongbo Sun and Luc Thévenaz, LSA’s circulation is now six times more than its first year.


LSA now has regional offices in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Rochester, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Tainan and Edinburg, making it a truly international publication.


Meanwhile, the Light Conferences hosted by LSA have become the major event of the year for the optics community, attracting hundreds of attendees each year.


LSA also sponsors various academic awards, including the Rising Star of Light Awards, the Light Young Scientist Awards, and the Light Travel Awards. These respected awards have helped the careers of many young researchers.



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