The Green Photonics Colloquium was successfully held at the Bimberg Chinese-German Center

The Green Photonics Colloquium was given by Prof.NING Cunzheng  at the Bimberg Chinese-German Center, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP).


Prof. NING is the Director of Tsinghua International Center for Nano-Optoelectronics,  Professor of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University and Professor of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. He has over 200 publications on laser physics, nanophotonics and nanolasers and has given over 220 invited or plenary talks worldwide. His many achievements have been widely reported on radio, TV, news media and tech magazines such as Science and Nature Photonics.


Prof. NING’s talk focused on some of the most serious challenges faced in semiconductor photonics, especially semiconductor lasers such as: the size and energy efficiency challenge;  the wavelength diversity challenge; and the integration challenge. Successful solutions to these challenges would profoundly impact future information technology and energy technologies.


In addition, the talk discussed progresses made over the last decade or so in resolving these challenges by going nano, i.e., by taking advantages of nanoscale semiconductor materials and devices.


The colloquium attracted many professors and students interested in the field of semiconductor nanolasers, providing them a opportunity to share the most advanced academic achievements in the field of semiconductor nanolasers, and explore the frontier dynamics and future development of semiconductor nanolasers.


The colloquium proved to be a valuable platform for researchers to share and exchanges ideas and provided scholars and graduate students an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with international counterparts.



 Prof. NING delivering his report (Photo by CIOMP)


Students interacting with Prof. Bimberg and Prof.NING (Photo by CIOMP)

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