CIOMP Holds English Speech & Essay Competition

Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), a research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, held an English speech and essay competition on November 28.


The competition was organized jointly by the student branches of the Optical Society (OSA) & the Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), and CIOMP’s Department of International Cooperation, which also took the opportunity to hand out its International Communication Award.


Two English Speech Competitions have been successfully held in previous years, aimed at encouraging English learning among staff and students, and to enrich the cultural life of the Institute.


Opening the competition, Ms. WANG Hui, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation, reviewed the previous competitions  and wished all contestants can receive excellent results. Two English teachers from Jilin University were invited to judge the competition, including Debra Xu, who used to work for the BBC World Service; and Sun Zhuang, anchor of "English News" of Changchun Radio and TV Station.


Qin Yu, a member of the Bimberg China-German Green Photonics Research Center, won first prize of the speech competition, while Dr. Ngo Chi Vinh from the Guo Chunlei China-US Photonics Laboratory won first of the essay contest. 


Light:Science & Applications were among those who have been awarded the honorary title of Outstanding International Communication Workers, an program designed to encourage individuals and departments that have made outstanding contributions to the international communication cause of the Institute.


Ms. Wang said the Department of International Cooperation will continue to cooperate with OSA & SPIE to hold more extracurricular activities such as English competitions in the future, which she believed would prove entertaining to employees and students, and help to promote the international development of CIOMP.


    WANG Hui delivered speech (Photo by CIOMP)  


Participant gave speech (Photo by CIOMP)  


Debra XU gave comments (Photo by CIOMP)  


SUN Zhuang gave comments (Photo by CIOMP)  


Group Photo (Photo by CIOMP)




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