Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Department

1. Overall situation

Aiming at the development trend of precision guidance and advanced UAV technology domestic and overseas, we are mainly engaged in the research and development of miniaturized, low-cost and multi-purpose optical guidance missiles and advanced UAV core components. Our department specializes in the overall design of aircraft, pneumatic, navigation, guidance and control, optical design, structural design, electronic design, reliability design and system simulation, etc. With the research and development ability of the whole missile, its core components and the UAV flight control system, we strive to develop into an advanced overall aircraft research and development team in the domestic.


2. Photos and profiles of department leader

Zhang Hong-wei, male, CPC member, associate researcher. He is mainly engaged in the research of the overall design of aircraft, navigation, guidance and control integration, missile communication network, missile ground comprehensive test and launch platform, etc. Up to data, he has published more than ten papers and obtained two patent licenses as the first inventor.



3. Research field

1) Overall design of aircraft;

2) HITL(Hardware In The Loop) simulation technology;

3) TV guidance technology;

4) Navigation, guidance and control technology;

5) Servo control technology of small electric steering gear;

6) Missile communication network;

7) UAV flight control technology;

8) Autonomous obstacle avoidance technology of UAV in complex environment;

9) Vertical take-off and landing(VTOL) UAV technology for long-endurance flight in the plateau.


4. General introduction of research progress

In terms of precision guidance, after years of efforts, the ground phase verification tests of the advanced all-strapdown laser precision guidance missile have been completed, which proves that we have the ability to develop the whole missile and core components.

In terms of advanced UAV, after years of efforts, we have developed a number of fixed wing UAVS, drones and VTOL products. We have acquired the research and development ability of UVA products and core components.


5. Other photos

 Fig1 Missile ground comprehensive test 


          Fig2 Research and development team



Fig3 Photo of missile product

 Fig4 Stealth UAVs 



Fig5 Tethered drone 


Fig6 Civilian UAV   





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