CIOMP Celebration of the 65th Anniversary

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The Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics(CIOMP)


Over half century of progress, footprints stretch out and mark the way, softly deepened by the weight of responsibility

Sixty and more years s of fruitful achievement, nurturing the rootstock of science and education

Focusing on the development of optics and advancing scientific and technological strength for the benefit of all to come.


Founded in 1952 to seek innovation of knowledge and advanced technology, CIOMP is a multi- and cross-disciplinary research institute undertaking the fundamental research, applied basic research, engineering technology, and industrialization of advanced technologies by focusing on luminescence, applied optics and optical engineering, as well as the research and development of precision machinery and instruments.


CIOMP has developed more than a dozen advanced instruments for the first time in China – for example, the first ruby laser in 1961 and the first large theodolite.

CIOMP had a role in sponsoring and helping to establish more than 10 research institutes, colleges and enterprises.

CIOMP has been involved in many important national projects, such as ‘Two Bombs, One Star’ and manned space projects,

and has demonstrably made significant contributions to national defense initiatives, economic growth and social progress as “the Cradle of Optics” in China.


From 1952 to 2017, this year is CIOMP Celebration of the 65th Anniversary. CIOMP will hold many activities to celebrate this glorious event such as the speech competition titled "My story with CIOMP”, Academicians' acdemic reports and CIOMP's Open Day.


Some articles about the 65th Anniversary are showed as below:

a) CIOMP Held the Celebration of the 65th Anniversary and Established the Alumni Association



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Old  area of CIOMP(Photo by CIOMP)


The photo of all the PhD graduates(Photo by CIOMP)

Research Building Under Construcrion (Photo by CIOMP)




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