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      Prof. Andreas Tünnermann                                       Prof. Dieter Bimberg   

 Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied                                  Director of the Bimberg Chinese-German

           Optics and Precision Engineering                                               Green Photonics Research Center






             Prof. Donna Strickland                                          Prof. Tariq Vuruina

                 Nobel Price in Physics in 2018                                                Professor of Physics at ESIEE Paris  






                     Prof. Lin Li                                                Prof. Chennupathi Jagdish

          Director of Lase Processing Research                                    UNESCO Price Owner for his Contribution to

         Centre at the University of Manchester                                       the Developement of Nanotechnology






             Prof. James C. Wyant                                            Prof. John Dudley     

       Founding Dean of the University of Arizona                                  Pioneer of Supercontinuum Generation,

                                                                                                                Rogue Waves, and Ultrafast Lasers





             Prof. Aydogan Ozcan                                            Prof. Byoungho Lee   

  Chancellor’s Professor and the Volgenau Chair                                 Pioneer of optical electronics in Korea

        for Engineering Innovation at UCLA                                           President of the Optical Society of Korea


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