The special payload for the ultraviolet detection made by CIOMP was reviewed successfully

On July 23rd , the on-orbit evaluation and review meeting of the special payload for the ultraviolet detection in Tiangong No.2 was held in Beijing. The Assessment group members who came from Peking University, National Satellite Meteorological Centre, Beijing Institute of Applied Meteorology, Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics(CIOMP) and Institute of Atmospheric Physics(IAP) agreed that the special load for UV edge detection passed the review.


The experts thought that a new detection model in this project using the circular ring has been proposed and implemented for the first time in the world. It realized the atmospheric composition detection with multi band and position in a new way of annular and forward direction. These two payloads’ function and performance have met the demands of assignment book. The group members evaluated this project a success.


These two payloads were developed by CIOMP. The Tiangong No.2 with these two payloads was launched in September 15th, 2016. IAP as a customer unit has tested all the functions, internal interface and external interface. Meanwhile IAP has also conducted the evaluation in orbit index. The payloads has detected the ultraviolet visible near infrared spectrum at the boundary of the earth's atmosphere.


The payloads were made up of an ultraviolet forward spectrometer and an ultraviolet annular imager as shown in Figure 2. These are strongly complementary. This was the first time to use the method of near observation to detect the atmosphere, and to realize the remote sensing of atmospheric density and ozone and other atmospheric trace gas simultaneously.


This research opened up a new direction for the earth's environment and climate prediction, space weather applications and UV sensitive unit research through these two payloads and laboratory space special on orbit test. It also laid the foundation for the operation of space atmosphere boundary spectral imaging detection.



Two payloads


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