CIOMP presents Prof. Tarik· Bourouina the 2017 CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative Certificate

Prof. Tarik··Bourouina of Université Paris-Est was selected to be a Visiting Fellow of the 2017 CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) after nomination by CIOMP. On November 1st , Prof. ZHANG Xuejun, the Vice President of CIOMP, warmly welcomed Prof. Tarik to CIOMP and presented him with the 2017 CAS-Visiting Fellows certificate.


In the Research Building Guest Meeting Room , Prof. ZHANG had a warm exchange with Prof. Tarik. They agreed that both sides would benefit from a deepening of mutual trust during this program, with both cooperating towards the common goal of strengthening international research projects.


After the prize-awarding ceremony, Prof. Tarik was taken on a guided tour of CIOMP’s facilities. The first stop was with Ms. ZHANG Yanxia, Marketing Director of Gpixel INC., who introduced the company’s history and development as well as the market applications of advanced CMOS products. Prof. Tarik expressed intense interest and hoped they might work together in the CMOS image sensor area.


Next, Prof. Tarik visited Yuanchen Microelectronic Technology Inc. Mr. LIU Yuanzhi, the Vice General Manager, recounted the company’s development and showed Prof. Tarik the equipment factory. Prof. Tarik was impressed that the factory was built and operational in only 6 months.


The last stop of the tour was the Guo China-US Photonics Lab. Assistant Professor YU Weili described the research of the lab, which has developed rapidly in the past year with 20 full time researchers now on staff. The lab’s focus is on laser-matter interactions and related fields, with the utmost quality of research at the forefront of their work. Again, Prof. Tarik was generous in his praise and provided wise words of encouragement.


CIOMP will continue to strive to attract global talent to visit, work and scientifically enrich our people and facilities. Prof. Tarik was the second successful 2017 PIFI awardee to be recommended by CIOMP and the benefits gained during the visit clearly demonstrate why CIOMP has such a strong commitment to increasing internationalization.


Prof. Tarik displays his award certificate, accompanied by key members of CIOMP.(Photo by CIOMP)


CIOMP staff provided a guided tour for Prof. Tarik around the campus, which included a visit to Gpixel INC.(Photo by CIOMP)


The tour also visited Yuanchen Microelectronic Technology Inc. (Photo by CIOMP)

They visited final stop included the the Guo China-US Photonics Lab.(Photo by CIOMP)

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