CIOMP hosts signing ceremony of the Bimberg Chinese-German Green Photonics Research Center

On April 13, 2018, the signing ceremony of the Bimberg Chinese-German Green Photonics Research Center was held at CIOMP headquarters in Changchun. The Bimberg Center has been jointly established by CIOMP and Professor Dieter Bimberg, a member of the German Academy of Sciences, the US National Academy of Engineering and the Russian Academy of Sciences. CIOMP President Jia Ping, Deputy Director Zhang Xuejun, Prof. Bimberg and Dr Gunter Larisch of the Technical University of Berlin in Germany attended the signing ceremony. The Director of the International Cooperation Department, Zhang Laiming, presided.


In his address, Prof. Ping stated that CIOMP has had a constant focus on concurrently developing research, production and learning. He recounted many examples of where CIOMP has continuously strengthened international cooperation and exchanges. One of these is the Guo China-US Photonics Laboratory, which was established with Professor Guo Chunlei of the University of Rochester, USA, and has developed rapidly since its launch. On this occasion, Prof. Ping was happy to announce that Prof. Bimberg has partnered with CIOMP to further progress on the frontier research area of green photonics. CIOMP will provide human resources support, construct the laboratory and maintain its operation. The Bimberg Center aims to achieve major advances in basic research, as well as transfer basic knowledge into the development of industrial products.


Prof. Bimberg also addressed the attendees, and began by thanking CIOMP for its great support in the establishment of the center. He noted that photonics has developed rapidly and is widely used. Under his leadership, he is confident that the Bimberg Center will make significant progress in semiconductor lasers, LiDARs, and light sources used in information science. He reiterated that another focus of the center will be to apply and transfer the discovery of basic knowledge to industry as soon as possible.


The Chinese-based head of the Bimberg Center, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Applications, Tong Cunzhu, introduced the preparations and planning for the center. The research directions of the Bimberg Center will focus on long-wavelength quantum dot HIBBEE laser technology for next-generation LiDAR applications, quantum dot lasers, and high-efficiency low-power vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. Wang Hui, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department, introduced the schedule and designs of the Bimberg Center. After their short speeches, Professors Ping and Bimberg signed the research cooperation agreement for the Center.


The Bimberg Center will be located in CIOMP’s International Innovation Park and will have offices and laboratories over approximately 600 m2. The center will be managed by the International Cooperation Department, via the State Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Application. Major construction has already begun and is expected to be ready for initial operations in early July 2018.


In the afternoon, Prof. Bimberg conducted the first recruitment of Researcher action in Changchun National Optoelectronics International Innovation Park and signed a working contract with Dr Gunter Larisch on behalf of the Bimberg Center.


With an investment of 15 million RMB (approximately $2.5M), the Bimberg Center is another major initiative of CIOMP’s ‘Opening up’ strategy. It follows the 36 million RMB (approximately $6M) investment in the launch and construction of the Guo China-US Photonics Laboratory in 2016. In the future, CIOMP will continue to cooperate with world-class researchers to strengthen its global research partnerships. In so doing, it not only develops CIOMP’s internationalization, but also builds the Changchun National Optoelectronics International Innovation Park into a world-class facility.


Discussing the Bimberg Chinese-German Green Photonics Research Center(Phtoto by CIOMP)

CIOMP President Jia Ping and Professor Bimberg sign the research cooperation agreement(Phtoto by CIOMP)

The parties come together(Phtoto by CIOMP)


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