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Members of Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) took part in a workshop on the promotion of international scientific communication on December 16.


The workshop, organized by CAS’s Bureau of International Cooperation, was designed to promote international science communication work, increase people’s awareness, and build a high-quality talent team.


Media Officers from respected institutions such as EurekAlert under AAAS, University of Tokyo, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and University of British Columbia were invited to share with workshop participants their valuable experience in international communication.


Issues covered in the workshop included: changes brought to the field of international scientific communication by the COVID-19 pandemic; scientific communication principles of public information management in the age of the pandemic; and how to shift public interest from COVID-19 to other important scientific discoveries. The workshop was conducted in English.


Ahead of the workshop, CIOMP participants also took part in an award ceremony for the departments and individuals who performed outstanding work in international scientific communication. Miss YU Cun from International Cooperation Department (ICD) summarized the international scientific communication activities carried out by ICD in 2020.


The GPL Photonics Laboratory, Light Publishing Group and the State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics were named outstanding departments. LIN Jie from State Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Applications, YU Weili from the GPL Photonics Laboratory, and CAO Nailiang from State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics won individual awards.


Mr. ZHANG Laiming, director of ICD, and Ms. WANG Hui, deputy director of ICD, presented awards to the award-winning departments and individuals.


ICD wishes to promote the awareness of the importance of international scientific communication among CIOMP faculty and students, and welcome all to support the development of the English website. It urges all CIOMP scientific researchers to submit articles and publish the latest scientific research progress on the website so that more research results of CIOMP can be known by the public.




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