Rose in Science, Lighting the World

“Rose in Science”, an annual event celebrating the achievement of women science workers, was launched by the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2015, which was marked “International Year of Light” by the United Nations (UN). Over the years, a number of successful women scientists and researchers have taken part in this event, telling their stories and sharing their experiences on the path of scientific exploration and technological management, encouraging young female science students to take up the career of scientific research. These young students and researchers, working along their male peers to promote the development of science, are like roses, blooming with their unique charm.


To celebrate International Women's Day this year, the 2021 "Rose in Science, Lighting the World" will be held on March 8. This year’s event is planned and organized by CIOMP, The Optical Society (OSA), IEEE Photonics Society, iCANX Talks and Light: Science & Applications. It will be streamed live on iCANX Talks at 20:00 (Beijing time) on March 8.


The biggest Rose in Science event so far, a number of top women in the field of optics and physics have been invited to share their wisdom of life as well as their insights on the path of research and discovery. They are scientists and leaders from the United States, Canada, Germany, Korea and China:


Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018, University of Waterloo——Donna Strickland

President of IEEE Photonics Society, Colorado State University——Carmen Menoni

First female President of the German Physical Society, Heidelberg University——Johanna Stachel

IEEE Fellow Committee Chair, North Carolina State University——Leda Lunardi

iCANX Talks Founder, Peking University——Zhang Haixia

CEO of The Optical Society (OSA)——Liz Rogan

Sungkyunkwan University——Miso Kim


Join us on iCANX Talks at 20:00 PM (Beijing Time) on March 8;

Let's hear how these inspiring role models made their achievements;

Let's collect their advice;

Let’s reaffirm our passion for science;

2021 shall see us more confident, graceful and at ease in study and work;

2021 shall see us staying firm on the path of research, persistent and hard working.








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