CHANGGUANG Forum No. 2022-3

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    Differential Wavefront Sensing and Dynamic Phase Compensation for Piezo Stage Calibration

    In this work, we describe a method to measure piezo stages dynamically using Differential Wavefront Sensing (DWS). DWS enables simultaneous measurement of the displacement, pitch, and yaw of a target, while only requiring a small measurement target. We describe a method for compensating...
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    Optical microcavities on Si and the applications

    An optical microcavity is an optical resonator with the size in the order of wavelength of the light. Due to the advantages of high quality factor, samll mode volume and large flexibility, different microcavities are recently intensively studied in various applications, including cavity...
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    Studying quantum plasmonics with surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy

    In this talk, I will show our recent work on the use of SERS spectroscopy forprobing the spatial nonlocality effect – a quantum mechanical phenomenon, whichis recently believed to set an ultimate limit of plasmonic near-field enhancement in metallic nanostructures with critical dimensi...
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    Photonic Spin-Hall Effects in Plasmonics

    Prof. Anatoly Zayats is a Chair in Experimental Physics, Department of Physics, King’s College London, UK. His research interests are near-field optics; scanning probe microscopy; nanophotonics and plasmonics; metamaterials; nonlinear optics and spectroscopy
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    New Methods for Optical Imaging

    Research of optical imaging is still very much alive. We review vectorial imaging theory of high NA systems and the link that exists between vectorial point spread functions and fields in image space with maximum electric field components.
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    Si nanocrystals for spectral conversion in future photovoltaics

    2014 14:30 PMLocation : First meeting room of Research BuildingAbstarct : The most important limitation for efficiency of photovoltaic energy conversion appears due to the mismatch between the broad-band character of the solar radiation and the discrete operation mode of solar devices...
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