Ellipsometry and the measurement of ultra thin layered nanostructures
Topic      :Ellipsometry and the measurement of ultra thin layered nanostructures: challenges, opportunities, progress, and Prospects
Speaker :LIU Shiyuan,professor

Time       :November 25 ,2016  16:00           

Location:Fifth Meeting Room, State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics

Hosted by: State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics 

Report content: This report firstly introduces the basic principles, characteristics, and applications of the conventional ellipsometry in the characterization of multilayer optical thin films. Then, prof.LIU will illustrate the thin layered nanostructures and their measurement challenges in the field of integrated circuits, OLED/OPV, flexible electronics are described. The new principles of ellipsometry and the development of new instruments will also be discussed.He also introduces some recent progress in this research group, including the first high precision and wide spectrum Muller matrix ellipsometry and imaging ellipsometry.

Speaker CV: Prof.LIU Shiyuan, was born in 1970. He is the winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation and the talent of Ministry of science and technology youth leader. He's also the International Committee of measurement and instrument (ICMI) Director.

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