Recent progress in quantum devices
Topic      :Recent progress in quantum devices from deep ultraviolet (0.2 m) to terahertz (300 m)
Speaker :Prof. Manijeh Razeghi , Northwestern University
Time       :July 20,2017  9:30            

Location:Fifth Meeting Room

Hosted by: State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics

Brief Introduction:

For nanotechnology, III-V semiconductors are particularly rich in application backgrounds, consisting of III and V group elements in the periodic table of elements, which can form many compounds with useful photoelectric properties. Under the guidance of high precision electronic structure simulation, advanced growth technology such as MBE and MOCVD can be used to form a modern semiconductor optoelectronic device from the atomic level, so as to realize the characteristics of the material itself. In these modern materials growth and characterization technology, functional devices of high power and high efficiency can be prepared, for example converts electrical energy into light or any coherent detection wavelength of light, and convert to electrical signals.
Professor Razeghi will introduce world-class research the latest breakthroughs in this report, the project has reached the level of hitherto unknown quantum spectra, in extremely wide range (from 0.2-300 m) has been developed for optical detectors and emitters.

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