Semiconductor nano lasers and solar thermal
Topic      :Semiconductor nano lasers and solar thermal
Speaker :ZHANG Shaoyu, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of semiconductor lasers
Time       :August 14, 2017  9:30            

Location:Fifth Meeting Room

Hosted by: State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics

Brief Introduction:

Our research focus on fabrication and characterization of two dimensional III-V photonic crystal (PhC) lasers with high quality factor and ultra-small mode volume in visible emission region. Optical pumped line defect triangular PhC lasers with single dipole modes and novel point defect fivefold PhC lasers with whispering gallery modes are realized in room temperature. Order of pico-second carrier lifetime measured by streak camera and low pumping threshold provide it huge potential in next generation of optical interconnect source with high modulation rate and ultra-low energy consumption. Based on the above platform, the combination with flexible material (PDMS) and our III-V nanocavities breaks the limitation of application which could be applied to ultra-small biosensors and flexible laser projection displays. Moreover, we will also be introducing a new type of solar cells configuration - solar thermal photovoltaics. The low efficiency of current photovoltaics is due to the Shockley–Queisser limit, another words, the broad band nature of solar spectrum limits the efficiency. Here we adopted a new concept of spectrum engineering to squeeze the broad solar spectrum to a narrow one for better absorption by typical single junction photovoltaic cells.  

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