Photothermal Methods for Studying Vapor Bubbles
Topic      :Photothermal methods for studying vapor bubbles and individual polymerization molecules of nanoparticles
Speaker :Dr.HOU Lei
Time       :September 1, 2017  09:50           

Location:Fourth Meeting Room

Hosted by: Human Resource Department


The report will introduce the transient characteristics and properties.It will show vapor bubbles with a nanometer size solution in ultrafast time range, and at the single-molecule level on some important research results of light physical and chemical properties of molecular MEH-PPV polymerization.

Dr. HOU Lei was the postdoctoral fellow in the University of Zurich, Switzerland.His research areas include single metal nanoparticle and its application of nano sensing spectroscopy; vapor bubble research and application of ultrafast optics; single molecule spectroscopy and single molecular absorption detection; fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) technology to study the electrostatic potential binding single DNA molecular conformation, charge change etc.

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