Thirty Meter Telescope

Near the center of Pasadena, California, and at various locations around the world, a team of scientists, engineers, and project specialists is busily planning and designing what eventually will become the most advanced and powerful optical telescope on Earth. When completed, the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will enable astronomers to study objects in our own solar system and stars throughout our Milky Way and its neighboring galaxies, and forming galaxies at the very edge of the observable Universe, near the beginning of time.

CIOMP participated in TMT actively. The GSSM of CIOMP will be :
Largest flat-telescope mirror – 3.5 meters x 2.5 meters;
First large, precise, steerable tertiary mirror;
Most efficient mechanism for switching between instruments;
Smoothest tracking mechanism of astronomical objects.

A group photo of CIOMP research staff and TMT researchers


          TMT delegate team visited CIOMP

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