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 Journal article

Optical design and stray light analysis for ultraviolet board width off-axis four mirrors optical system

Zhu, Y.; X. Zhang; Y. Wu; J. Zhang; G. Shi and L. Wang 


 Journal article


Stray light analyze and suppress of the space-borne infrared optical system 

Zhao, Y.; Y. Xu; W. Sha; L. Zhang and J. Ren 

 Journal article


Angular characteristics of pulse laser echo signal in participating medium

 Zhang, X.; L. Guo; C. Liu and L. Chen


 Journal article


Echo characteristic of Gaussian pulse laser in anisotropic scattering medium 

Zhang, X.; L. Guo; Y. Huang and Z. Luo 


 Journal article


Study on main factors affecting position detection accuracy of four-quadrant detector

Zhang, H.; Y. Chen; T. Geng; J. Wu and T. Chen 


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