Seed of Light at the Zhongxin Primary School campus at Northeast Normal University

On 5th June, we held the hugely successful Seed of Light event at the Zhongxin Primary School campus, located at Northeast Normal University. Volunteers from the CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapters, led by WANG Hui, the CIOMP Deputy Director of the Division of International Cooperation, gave an instructive lecture and introduced students to exciting games with lasers. The Seed of Light events aim to engage, excite and educate children about optics and its potential in their lives. Around 500 students participated in the event, the second of its kind, and shared in the celebration of the 2015 International Year of Light.


At this year’s event, the lecture was accompanied by interesting and imaginative classroom demonstrations of optical phenomena. The kids were entranced and listened carefully to the presenter, Miss YUAN Jingze, who is also the student chairman of SPIE’s Student Chapter. The kids remained captivated through the entire demonstration of optical components and experiments. Meanwhile, the lecture enlightened students about the amazing world of light and helped drive their curiosity to find out more! They interacted with our volunteers enthusiastically, asking all kinds of probing questions about light. Our volunteers were impressed by their thirst for knowledge and their wonderful imaginations. At the event’s conclusion, the kids were reluctant to leave and surrounded our volunteers with continued questions and chatter.


In their post-event feedback, the principals and teachers from the school spoke highly of the smooth and professional organization and operation of the event. They recognized its interesting and enlightening educational aspects and the positive contribution in cultivating a recognition of, and interest in, optics by the students. They also hoped to establish a long-lasting cooperation with CIOMP and our OSA/SPIE Student Chapter to host more educational science activities like the Seed of Light.


A group photo of CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapters, CIOMP staff and students



Show optical glass to students


Give an instructive lecture to students


Students participated the lecture actively


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