CIOMP researchers achieved the first book on topology optimization theory for fluid dynamics

Recently, the first book on topology optimization theory for fluid dynamics has been published by Springer Press, and it is completed based on the collaborations among Associate Prof Yongbo Deng, Prof Yihui Wu and Prof Zhenyu Liu of CIOMP. This book is also the first monograph focused on fluid dynamics in the area of topology optimization (


In this book, the topology optimization theory is presented for laminar flows with low and moderate Reynolds numbers, based on the density method and level-set method, respectively. The density-method-based theory offers efficient convergence, while the level-set-method-based theory can provide an accurate mathematical expression of the structural boundary. Based on the combination of topology optimization and optimal control method, this book has also creatively developed the optimal match method for structural topology and device actuation.


Unsteady, body-force-driven and two-phase properties are basic characteristics of the laminar flows. The book discusses these properties, which are typical of microfluidics and one of the research hotspots in the area of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), providing an efficient inverse design approach for microfluidic structures. To demonstrate the applications of this topology optimization theory in the context of microfluidics, it also investigates inverse design for the micromixer, microvalve and micropump, which are key elements in lab-on-chip devices. This is of great significance for the application of microfluidic chip technology.


This research work in this book was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China and National High Technology Development Program of China.




Dr.DENG Yongbo, associate professor of the State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics


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