Top 10 Optics Events of 2019

Here is a list of the 10 biggest events in China’s optics research circle, compiled by Light: Science & Applications, a journal jointly published by the Nature Group and Changchun Institute of Optics, Physics and Fine Mechanics (CIOMP), China Academy of Sciences. These events were selected by a popular vote from a candidate pool of 20, which was compiled with the help of AMiner from Tsinghua University, which helped select the 20 events from more than 100,000 optics events happened in 2019.


Top1. Academician Min Gu joins University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to develop all-optical brain-like chips (credit to, 4432 votes): In June 2019, Dr. Gu, elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Sciences, Australian Academy of Science, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, foreign Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, joined USST as executive president of the university’s committee board. Before that, he was the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Dr. Gu and his team in USST will be devoted to brain-like all optical computation and provide a new generation all-optical chips for integrated optoelectronics.



Top2. 'Stereo Aerial Camera ' developed by CIOMP can precisely portrait the ground (credit to, 3463 votes): The high resolution, large field-of-view, three line stereo aerial camera developed by Dr. Yalin Ding and his team in CIOMP, when loaded on an airplane, can precisely realize stereo mapping of the ground within the flight area. The 'stereo aerial camera' has great potential in geographic mapping, agricultural and forestry census, resource exploration and island mapping.



Top3. First three-dimensional photonic topological insulator sees light beam propagate through 'Z-shape' curve (credit to, 3307 votes): In January 2019, researchers from Zhejiang University and Nanyang Technological University created the world’s first three-dimensional photonic topological insulator. On a 'highway' of 3D materials, a light beam successfully propagated through a 'Z-shape' curve. The results were published in Nature.



Top4. Researchers from Tsinghua University develops high-end laser interferometer (credit to, 2998 votes): The project 'High speed multi-axis and high-resolution laser interferometry technology and instrument', led by Dr. Li Yan and Dr. Wei Haoyun from Tsinghua University, made important progress. To realize multi-degree of freedom interferometry in the harsh environment, a monolithic integrated multi-axis interferometer component design method based on prism error vector analysis was proposed, and a series of monolithic multi-axis (2-axis to 5-axis) interferometer components were then developed.




Top5. Monolithic all-perovskite tandem solar cells reaches record-high efficiency of 24.8% (credit to, 2990 votes): In September 2019, Prof. Hairen Tan and his colleagues in Nanjing University and University of Toronto utilized perovskite with different bandgaps to realize all-perovskite tandem solar cells. The developed solar cells reached a record high efficiency of 24.8%, the results were published in Nature Energy.




Top6.  Asteroid named after famous optics scientist Pan Junhua (credit to, 2967 votes): In May 2019, the Asteroid Naming Committee of Purple Mountain Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences sent a congratulatory telegram to Soochow University to announce that the asteroid numbered 216331 has been named as 'Pan Junhua Asteroid', after Academician Pan Junhua from Soochow University. The naming was approved by the International Asteroid Center and the International Asteroid Naming Committee.  




Top7. A theoretical breakthrough towards smaller and stronger chips (credit to, 2781 votes): In March 2019, Prof. Jiang Liyong and his colleagues from China and Singapore demonstrated the idea of coherent control of plasmon resonances for plasmonic switching and encoding, providing more freedom in tailoring and engineering multifunctional chips, the results were published in journal Light:Science&Applications.



Top8. Blockbuster! Echo signals from laser reflectors on the moon obtained in China for the first time (credit to, 2274 votes): In December 2019, it was learned at the Sixth Workshop of Tianqin Space Science Mission, held in Wuhan by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Sun Yat-sen University, that since June 2019, the 'Tianqin Project' research team has successfully realized the laser measurement of the distance between the Earth and the Moon for multiple times, and for the first time in China, the echo signals of all five laser reflectors on the moon were obtained. For now, only five countries are capable of laser measuring of the distance between the Earth and the Moon, while 'Tianqin Project' is one of the very few that can obtain all five laser reflectors on the moon.




Top9.  China's develops first optical shutter for myriawatt fiber laser (credit to, 2061 votes): In July 2019, the prototype of the optical shutter for myriawatt fiber laser successfully passed the test performance in Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. The prototype was developed by Prof. Zhu Rihong, Prof. Shen Hua and their colleagues from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, under the support of 'Optical Shutters for 30KW Fiber Lasers' Project, which is a subproject of China's 2017 National Key Research and Development Project-'Key Technology and Industrialization of the Industrial High Power Fiber Laser'. This huge success filled in China’s gap in the field, and would pave the way for future development of high-power fiber lasers in China.




Top10.  Academician Pan Jianwei’s team demonstrates new quantum state (credit to, 1794 votes): Dr. Pan and his team, has for the first time, observed an extremely wide d-wave shape resonance in Bose-Einstein condensate, which indirectly proves the existence of d-wave molecular superfluid. This experimental discovery brings new opportunities and challenges to the quantum simulation of ultracold atoms, and sheds light on the studies of other systems with higher partial wave interactions.



The vote of the “Top 10 Optical Events of China in 2019”, was co-hosted by the journal Light: Science & Applications, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, journal Chinese Optics, journal Optics and Precision Engineering, Chinese Journal of Luminescence, Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystal and Displays, technically supported by AMiner, and media supported by the Wechat Public Accounts of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Science Net, Keyanquan、Zhongguokepubolan, Liangjiangkejipinglun、Scholarset、iNature、Nanoer、Cailiaoren、Energist. The event received votes from more than 77,000 people. An awards ceremony will be held in 2020.



















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