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I visited CIOMP on 27th August 2014 - it was also my first visit to Changchun. As a representative of EURAXESS in China, I came to promote Europe as an attractive research destination. I wanted to introduce opportunities to collaborate with European researchers in the “cradle of Chinese optics”, and I was immediately struck by CIOMP’s remarkable premises, friendly staff and the warm welcome I received.


I had the opportunity to come to the city of “Long Spring” to present EURAXESS as a tool for researchers, as well as European Union’s programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, and its prestigious funding instruments such as the European Research Council and Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to visit the group of photocatalytic nanomaterials for clean energy and environmental therapy of Prof. Zaicheng Sun and the group of Wide Bandgap II-VI Semiconductors with Prof. C. Shan in the State Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Applications. Moreover, I visited the editorial office of "Light: Science & Applications" (LSA); led by Prof. Yuhong Bai. I was introduced to the work of the journal co-published with Nature Publishing Group, their objectives, as well as general publishing situation. My hostess Ms WANG Hui (Catherine) from International Department took great care of me during the entire day.


CIOMP is considered to be the "cradle of Chinese optics"; the institute was established in 1952. Any visitor will know immediately that despite the fact that Changchun’s main industrial focus is in automobiles, its strengths in the field of research and innovation cannot go unnoticed. Changchun is the home of 3 CAS institutes, Changchun High Technology Development Zone and several high-ranking universities. CIOMP is proud of its history which they exhibit in the main building’s hall, featuring most significant inventions, as well as moments of the past that put Changchun to the forefront of Chinese optics.


My day trip to Changchun showed me much about the beauties of the city as well as CIOMP’s excellent research capabilities. The “city of long spring” hosts first-rate optics research, and what is more, it is full of remarkable talents who strongly pursue its internationalization strategy. CIOMP’s researchers and research professionals are full of zeal to show to the world the strengths of their research. This will attract more and more researchers into the city in the future, from Europe and beyond. The institute is very active in establishing international collaboration, and looking into ways how to expand their international collaboration, and finding more partners. I hope EURAXESS will be able to assist at any given point.


The world faces a number of challenges that no country can face by itself. It is only by joining forces and international collaboration that the society will benefit from research – and its applications – as a whole. I was very impressed by the determination of CIOMP’s researchers and other professionals, and their intension to showcase CIOMP’s achievements to the world and attract world-class optics research.


I would like to thank to my friends in Changchun for their excellent organization of the day but also, and perhaps more importantly, for the warmth they welcomed me with. I also want to express my sincere admiration for their enthusiasm with which they pursue their objective of making Changchun a global place for research in optics, fine mechanics and physics. I was truly impressed by their passion at professional level and their kindness at personal level. I look forward to visit Changchun again. I sincerely hope more and more European colleagues will seize the opportunity of collaborating with CIOMP.












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