Horizon 2020 Info Day

On April 19, CIOMP hosted the Horizon 2020 Info Day in Changchun, co-organized with the European Commission.

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    E2V Delegates Visited CIOMP

    On January 12th 2017, Andrew Chen who is director of the Business Development in Asia Pacific, and Joe Gannicliffe who is in the Technical Authority visited CIOMP.
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    China successfully launches a CIOMP-constructed carbon dioxide monitoring satellite

    China has successfully launched a monitoring satellite, known as TanSat, carrying two important payloads: a hyperspectral grating spectrometer for measuring carbon dioxide and a moderate resolution polarization imaging spectrometer for cloud and aerosol observations. The launch, on a Lo...
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    Key National Project on High-Precision Diffraction Gratings Successfully Concluded

    On November 11, 2016, the Bureau of Facility Support and Budget, Chinese Academy of Sciences, hosted a conference to mark the successful completion of the ‘Development of a Large-Scale High-Precision Diffraction Grating Ruling System’ project, one of the National R&D Projects for Key ...
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    CIOMP OSA/SPIE Student Chapter Seminar Evening

    On 19 July, the CIOMP OSA/SPIE student chapter held an evening seminar for students, officers from the CIOMP Fitness Club and representatives from Zhejiang University. Three main topics were covered in the seminar, all of which aimed to support attendees in various aspects of their scie...
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    CIOMP researchers make breakthrough in 2D Cationic Covalent Organic Frameworks

    Professor LI Bin and his team at State Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Applications in CIOMP have developed red emissive 2D Cationic Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) with tunable porosity and pore sizes at nanoscale. This is the ?rst time that the stable cationic crystalline frame...
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    Fabricating large-scale mirrors using reaction-bonded silicon carbide

    One of the most effective methods of improving telescope resolution is to increase the diameter of the primary mirror. It is challenging, however, to fabricate very large diameters with complex surface shapes. For example, milling and polishing of the mirror surfaces can take months or ...
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